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Web Hosting and Domain Name Services

Along with your new or updated Website, you will need to have both a Webhosting account and a Domain Name. If you already have both of these services you can continue to use them. For those who are just now acquiring a new Website you'll need to register a Domain Name and obtain a Web Hosting Package. Peak Summit Design can help with all of your Webhosting and Domain Name register services.

Hosting your Domain

If you currently have a webhosting package, let sales know so that we can determine if your hosting account meets the requirements for your new Website. Generally Peak Summit Design will use your existing hosted domain, if not we can recommend a Web Hosting Company or even obtain Web Hosting on your behalf. Let us know how you want to proceed with your Web Hosting needs. Note you will also need a Registered Domain Name as well, usually associated with the company name. Sales can answer all your questions.

Hosting Maintenance

Peak Summit Design offers a special deal on a monthly Website Maintenance Package. With this package, we will take care of security and feature updates, perform weekly backups and post update backups, add and delete Email accounts and all the other tasks associated with on going maintenance. Contact Sales for further info and with your questions.

Domain Name Registration

In order for people on the Internet to find your Website, you'll need a way to identify the Site. This is done through a Domain Name that you can purchase from a Domain Name Registar. Domain Names typically look like,, and so forth. Servers around the World convert these Domain Names into an IP address that points to the server that hosts your Website. It's important that you use a Domain Name that is easily remembered and closely matches the name of your company name. Peak Summit Design can register a Domain Name on your behalf, you'd would own that name, not us or you can register a Domain Name on your own and if you already have a Domain Name you can continue to use that Name. Please Contact Sales for further info and to answer any questions you might have.